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The Lakehouse

Exterior Walkthrough

Interior Walkthrough

Project information

The Lakehouse was by far the hardest project I've made atmospheric-wise. Being a 10-day project meant that I had to be efficient with my time and carefully pick where my research came from.

My main challenges were learning how to properly use color correction from the Post Process and the use of the Exponential Height Fog.


  • Overall improvement of my workflow methods.


  • Realistic World Building and Set Dressing to achieve the mood wanted.

  • Good use of modular assets from Megascans.

  • Better ability to tell a story through Level Design.


An In-depth Look 

The Lakehouse was my first realistic project. After looking into the multiple different projects from Quixel, the Medieval Game Environment stood out instantly. High level of detail and storytelling through level design. Looking further into the Quixel project, I knew where I was going to take inspiration from.

Although, for the general atmosphere, I looked towards RE4's opening Level.


In the end it relies on 2 pillars for immersion. 

                                - Constant feel of dread

                                - Telling a story through level design




Pre-production &  Research

The research included composition, post-process color correction, lighting, and Quixel Project videos to better understand the workflow behind realistic scenes. One-shot in Quixel's Medieval Village Environment captivated me and inspired me especially for the entry to The Lakehouse.


Blockout & Terrain Sculpting

I wanted  the player to feel alone and uneasy. The first step was to mold the landscape in the shape of a crater, so the forest would always be elevated around you. I kept the house area elevated so it would remain the focal point. The final iteration of the blockout added a shed that I hadn't planned on and plots of land around the pathways that act as gardening areas.


Set Dressing

When set dressing I tend to first go through my content browser to see if any ideas pop from certain assets and write them down. Afterwards I work on my landscape by creating its material, adding the foliage and re-molding with more detail. Then I go for POI and end it with a final pass on the landscape.

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