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The Overgrown Temple

Project information

Over the span of 4 days I had to create a stylized environment based on a single reference picture.

The main challenges were creating my own Cell-shader Material, and making an Auto-Generated Landscape Material to save time. 




Ability to create Cell-Shaders and Auto Generated Landscape Materials.

Better understanding of the UE Material Graph.

Better Time Management.


An In-depth Look of My Project

The Overgrown temple was my first attempt at a stylized environment. Being constrained to 4 days meant that I had to be quick and decisive and cut certain initial ideas.

Pre-production & Level Design Research

Before starting anything I had to learn how to make a Cell-Shader and find color pallets that fit well together.


Sketches & Terrain Sculpting

Since the landscape acts as scenery and is never actually stepped on, I could save a large amount of time by having a landscape material that is auto-generated and not have to fix any issues.


Set Dressing

The walls & floors are made out of geometry brushes acting initialy as my blockout and letting me easily iterate. Once my Temple's general shape was done I created my landscape. Considering my player never actually steps on it, I could just add a noise map, smooth the edges and I was done. After that it was just a matter of adding bits of foliage and props inside of the actual temple.

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