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Unemployed: Tales of an Interview


Unemployed: Tales of an Interview was our final project of our Graduate Program. It takes place in a Corporate Tower. Your goal is to reach the boss's office to get your interview. You'll receive judgment about your hire depending on your decisions throughout the floors you'll venture.


Engine: Unreal Engine 4          

Team Size: 4

Timeframe: 15 weeks
Level Design

  • The Office

  • The Frankfurter Experiments

Game Design

  • AI

  • Puzzle Mechanics


  • Shaders

  • 2D

  • UI



Going up the Elevator


The further you progress, the more chaotic and quirky the theme of the level gets. The elevator serves as a common start and endpoint for each level. Each level has 3 unique events.

We designed our
levels to have independent environments linked by an overarching narrative, this way of design allowed us to add or cut content easily without hurting the identity or structure of the game.

Players start off in the HUB, which serves as an introduction to our world, and end in the boss suite that is the conclusion of the game. Throughout their journey to the boss's office players will go through; The Office, The Rave, The Construction site, and The Frankfurter Experiments.



Different Outcomes

Player decision is at the center of Unemployed. We designed the game to be replayed in order to experience its entirety.

We offer one way to finish the game as the path of least resistance, but on the other hand, the more darring and explorative players will find a alternate sabotage ending to each event.

go to event.jpg

The Loop

Players start their journey in the elevator, which is what brings you from one level to another.

From the elevator, the player is free to roam and discover what lies in this new environment.

Upon discovering an event, players can choose whether to help or sabotage. Afterward, if all events have been completed, players can exit from the same elevator and go on to the next level!


Level Design


My main role was as a level designer. The majority of my work was put into the Office and The Frankfurter Experiments.

Office: A tutorial level where players are initiated to the
feel of the character and flow of a level.

Frankfurter Experiments: An ancient underground sewer/prison cell that has been refurbished into a make-shift laboratory for human experimentations.



Game Design

Aside from level design, I was also in charge of some Game Design.

From designing and scripting level Events & Puzzles to UI intractability such as our "Synkobox" Cosmetic suits vendor.




When time permitted, I created 2D art that could be used for our User Interfaces and Shaders to help immerse players in a given environment.

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